Raw Cashew Nuts Import

Through expertise of more than a decade in cashew importing, we are capable enough to import raw cashew nuts of best quality from right seller of right sourcing country. We are keen in maintaining the quality of kernels we import by sticking to the parameters of international standards and performs quality checks of every shipments.

Raw Cashew Nuts Sale in India

We trade raw cashew nuts of premium quality at affordable prices in India. We analyse market trends and customer needs to make access to best products and thus have a proven track record. Raw cashew nuts we supply are of superior standards and are preferred by customers. Our wide supply chain network help us to meet committed time frames.

Rice Export

We export best quality rice to different destinations - domestic and international. We ensure the rice exporting is devoid of impurities and guarantee safe and moisture resistant packing. The rice we export is of superior quality having a fine aroma and freshness.

Cashew Nuts Export

Trusted exporter of cashew kernals having over 10 years of cashew export trading experience. We offer best quality cashew kernels for our customers across the globe at competitive prices.Guaranteed supply in a timely manner is our trading operation and this ensure 100% satisfaction to our customers in the deal we have.

Scrap Import

Leading importer of scrap from various countries and further supplied to many industries. We deal with all kinds of scrap and used materials and then professionally manage them to feed the needs of various industries. Our expertise in handling all kinds of scrap made our services demanded by various industries who recycle scrap for their uses.

Sand Import

As an essential building material makes sand the secondmost used natural commodity after water. We involve in buying and stocking good quality sand from different countries after quality and authenticity checks. Excessive demand of sand may exhaust its supply and that make us comple to import more sand from various parts of the world.


Our transportation services serve as the one-stop solution for all your transportation needs in a reliable and affordable channel. Our dedicated services enables our customers to plan the mobility of their goods according to their real time needs. We are equipped with dedicated fleet of vehicles and skilled employees with operational expertise and can assure realtime tracking of your goods.


As Logistics is the backbone of all businesses, assured precision is expected by all customers to move their goods amd they can rely our logistics services. The outcome of our logistics services are timely, accurate and error free delivery to our clients which make them feel best served with secure and reliable freight services.

Betel Nuts

As a betel nuts dealer, we play a crucial role in the supply chain of betel nuts. Our responsibilities may include sourcing betel nuts from producers or wholesalers, ensuring quality control, packaging, and distributing betel nuts to customers..